Gourmet Food For My Soul

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What Research? I love to create and explore. What would it take to expand my horizons? Research; hands-on research. Turning travel into a hobby takes some serious work, but you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s kind of like getting paid to fly away from home and enjoy a new experience……Works for me. … Read more

The Charisma Of Greece

Patmos Greece

“Greece” Means Land Of The Greeks! Who else’s land would it be? Who could walk in their footsteps? They Have Olive Oil! Just one of the most beautiful condiments of all time. There was the first time a waiter drizzled olive oil onto a plate and dribbled balsamic vinegar onto it, and gave us warm bread … Read more

Travel is My Second Hobby!

reed ship

Here is Why………… Most of the time it seems that we get so much more out of something than we ever thought we would. What’s an example? Homebuilders meet people with a new mortgage, a plot of land and fabulous ideas. Hobbyists meet people who indulge in the same pastimes. And travellers see a whole … Read more

Sewing Side-Effects!

knitters are waifs

These are Good Side-Effects! In My Room: I don’t know where it all began. I could call myself a Sewing Guru and say it was inbred in me, but that’s an over-simplification. We are all influenced by what we see around us, what we get used to. Mom always sewed, and I loved the idea … Read more

Sewing Lessons – And Beyond!

I started as a five-year-old using real scissors for the first time. Not the blunt tip ones, but I was closely watched. These were Big Girl Scissors! I made some doll clothes and although the sleeves were holes in the fabric, I was getting the idea. My dolls never complained and I was so proud … Read more

Sewing Machines That Have Owned Me

Mom had a Singer Featherweight when I was little. You know, those little black machines, sitting on their own table, with gold pinstriping on them? They ran like rockets, as basically, they were industrial machines made for the domestic market. She was wise to have such a sewing machine when I was little. I like … Read more