Bikers VS Motorcyclists!

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Who Are These People? Aren’t they the same thing? Care to ask a BIKER that? A motorcyclist would probably love to be called a BIKER! Why Is That? Sure must be nice to be part of that Biker camaraderie. They look so carefree and confident.They can wear some of the rattiest-looking clothes and guess what? … Read more

Are Bikers Sexy?

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YES, And Why Not? Tennis players, boxers, and football players are sexy too! BUT…YOU are making a statement!  You look badass on a motorcycle! Would I be happy if my daughter brought this guy home to meet us? For Sure! He looks cool, confident, and responsible! He will protect our little girl.Looks like an Engineer! The … Read more

WHY Would I Ride A Motorcycle?

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Yes, Why? It’s for the FREEDOM that we ride! Unless you are one of us, you probably don’t get what all the fuss is about! Our self-image is at a high level.And there’s the sex appeal. Do Men Look Sexy On A Motorcycle? I think so! There’s that brotherhood language, with a dangerously carefree attitude. A … Read more

Is Hospitality Hospitable?

Hospitality FI

Hospitable To Whom? The Hospitality Industry is the UMBRELLA for businesses that include tourism, hotels, restaurants, cruises, flights, walking tours, group tours… Anything that takes you away from home to another destination and provides food and lodging, entertainment, and site-seeing… It’s a huge umbrella!  A Romp Down Hospitality Lane:  This all started in the 17th century – … Read more

Where Is Machu Picchu?

Amazon Village

Machu Picchu is in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Since I want to visit the Amazon River and the rainforest, while I am there I have to see Machu Picchu! Why?.. You can’t go there to see one, without seeing the other. Why Do I Want To See The Amazon River? The Amazon is an … Read more

What Is An Exchange Student?

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An Exchange Student is someone studying in a foreign country and living with a host family. They are usually of high school or college age. I Knew That! Picture this: I live in the rural US. I had decided to learn German, but there was no room for me in the student exchange program in Germany. … Read more

What Is Elite Tourism?


It’s What I Want To Do! It’s all about going where the rich and famous go… without the cost! I want the experience of visiting unusual and unique travel destinations.I am willing to pay for this, either with currency, air miles, and credit card points. OR I will work my way to my safe harbour. How Can You … Read more

What Is The Best Age To Start Traveling?

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At  WHAT Age? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Don’t waste a minute. Travel. Exponentially, travel is the greatest educator; not just for seeing something new. Also, for the things that turn up that are just good and fun!No agenda, just another skill or experience or talent exhumed……something that gives you joy. What Is The Best Age … Read more

Why Do People Travel Abroad?

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It’s For The FUN Of It All! WHY else would we do it? What was one great fun incident I had?I can tell you, but it won’t be the same; you had to be there. Ok… but just one short story. Travel Is An Adventure! When crossing the Atlantic, being all tucked away together on … Read more

Where Is Antarctica?

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Antarctica? Seriously? It’s At The Bottom Of The Earth! Isn’t it freezing year-round? Oh yes, it has that “south pole” vibe! WHAT’S The Attraction? Where else will you find total isolation and penguins further than the eye can see? Go to Snow Hill Island and witness colonies of 10,000 or more Emporer penguins.It’s the best place … Read more