What Are The Bees Knees?

Bees Knees FI 740X250

The Highest Standard For Comparison! How Can I Say This? Let Me Ask You A Question: Why would I publish a post about bees in the travel category? Because bees travel an average of 5 miles per day! So what does “bee’s knees” mean? It’s the real deal, the highest standard with which something can be … Read more

South African Safari Vacations!

sleeping Cheetah feature image

This Is The Real Deal! My friend owned a safari park in South Africa. He created South African Safari Vacations!.. Tighten your seat belt! As these “game reserves” go, there are a certain number of the herd who need to be culled, in order to guarantee the safety of the others and the health of … Read more

I Want To Go There

distant shores call to me

Hold The Door For Me! I may have played that phrase in my mind a hundred times. I can’t help it when I see a shoreline in the distance and wonder where it goes. I want to go there. Is it an island, or part of another country? Are the natives friendly and what do … Read more

What Is An Advantage?

tennis has the advantaage

This Was The Start Of It All  It was a tiny house. But we were together; that was an advantage that I didn’t know I had. So, what is an advantage? Let me explain: On our block, a family of six children lost their Dad in a car accident. The two oldest were boys, and … Read more

What Day Is This?

girl asleep on suitcase

In The Beginning What time is it? Every morning I asked that question, hoping for ten more minutes to squeeze my eyes shut. Somehow these ten minutes would make up for staying up till 11 pm on a school night. What day is this? That was always my second question, as it told me what … Read more

Travel Has No Downside

travelling camera lady

What Could Go Wrong? The airport was at least two hours from home if the traffic cooperated. Don’t have a slow-down on my route, please. No delays. Travel has no downside. But factoring in what could be a delay is part of the logistical process. You’re going away for a month? That leaves about four … Read more

What Happened With Elsa?

Champes Elysees

Will Paris Ever Be The Same? We drove to Paris Elsa and me, and I did a U-turn on the Champs Elysees. There was no traffic coming the other way, but Place de la Concorde looked busy. And they were all heading toward us! After the whole trip, Elsa told everyone that I “made a … Read more

From Cape Town To Belgium

1970s cruise ship

The Cape Rolls Are Here! The ship left Cape Town, on a blustery day. We had full stabilization but the “cape rolls” were winning. I was ok, even though we bobbed several feet up….and…..down. I developed my sea legs, from Cape Town to Belgium. Before setting sail we had a farewell party in the cabin … Read more

Monty says, Always Look On The Bright Side

Happy mime

AVOID DISASTERS! Well, that is one way to always look on the bright side of life. Who’s world isn’t rosier with no disasters sneaking around? They’re like burrs that stick to you when you walk. Nasty things. Hard to always look on the bright side with them around. If we get from the universe what we … Read more

They Overdid It In Norway

Norway feature image

On Our Way Things were falling into place. I had the currencies I needed to travel from Belgium to Norway. German marks, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian krona. We had our maps, the paper kind. This was 1982. No internet, no GPS, no euro. We still did things the old way.  As money went in Europe … Read more