What Should I Pack?

clothes for packing

And I’m Off…. Have you ever packed a whole lot of clothes and wished you had left them all at home? You have to carry them everywhere. It’s heavy, cumbersome, and unnecessary. Why didn’t I just pack a swimsuit and sandals? What should I pack? Well, first, where are you going? For how long? Are … Read more

Is This “Free” Thing Free?

Choose The Free Stuff! Is it wise to choose FREE things? Or to rationalize and choose not to accept anything that is free? We have all felt the letdown. We have expectations when someone says we have won something. Is Free, actually Free? It’s our choice. We choose if it’s free. If it costs anything, … Read more

South Of The D, (and Still in Canada)

Ambassador bridge 740X250

My Border Life Living in a border town, it was nothing to side-step into the country next door. I commuted to school in Detroit, for a year, and even though I lived in Canada it was just one hour away. That was closer than for some locals. The students I met could not believe I … Read more

The Charisma Of Greece

Patmos Greece

“Greece” Means Land Of The Greeks! Who else’s land would it be? Who could walk in their footsteps? They Have Olive Oil! Just one of the most beautiful condiments of all time. There was the first time a waiter drizzled olive oil onto a plate and dribbled balsamic vinegar onto it, and gave us warm bread … Read more

Travel is My Second Hobby!

reed ship

Here is Why………… Most of the time it seems that we get so much more out of something than we ever thought we would. What’s an example? Homebuilders meet people with a new mortgage, a plot of land and fabulous ideas. Hobbyists meet people who indulge in the same pastimes. And travellers see a whole … Read more