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  1. Wayne Denis says:

    Wow Cook you did it again and brought this seemingly invisible industry into a new reality. Of course none of this happens by accident as it all takes incredible planning and more planning to pull off such great service and life changing experiences for everyone who makes the effort to afford it. Well done, very light and insightful.
    Thanks for a great ride, Wayne

    1. Hi Wayne and I am so glad that you were the first to read Hospitality! I so appreciate your comments.
      Yes, it all takes incredible planning, and that’s part of the domino effect!
      Thanks for taking the ride!

  2. pasindu dimanka says:

    Thanks a lot for this valuable and comprehensive post on Hospitality. Traveling is actually something I like a lot. And I also agree with what you said. In fact, the economy of some countries depends on tourism. Maldives is the best example. Almost every country in the world has people who depend on it. Keep posting like this.

    1. Pasindu, thank you for reading my Hospitality post. I look forward to your replies and comments!
      Yes, sometimes these small nations have nothing else in the way of world trade. Implementing tourism into their economy will surely increase their population. This is offset by the new opportunities the people have and the better lifestyle.

      Yes, I will keep posting like this with your encouragement.
      Is there anything that you would like to hear about?
      I will do my best to bring it to light.
      Regards, Corinne

  3. Loebach Terry says:

    IMO, Flying and its associates, eg . the
    lineups , customs , removing part of your wardrobe , very cramped seats , “ the gourmet snacks” , of course I could go on for quite a while , have all made vacation travel through the air too much if a hassle as to be worthwhile.
    And I haven’t enough mentioned the Covid nonsense.
    They have really wrecked Hospitality.

    1. Yes, Terry, the inconvenience is for real. The test is how badly you want to go somewhere, like when you and June went on the safari in Kenya! What a treat when you got there!
      Yes, the good old days are still a reminder of what it once was. I predict we will get into the next phase of travel and it will be improved. Let’s see what’s next!
      Thanks for your comment.