Is Hospitality Hospitable?

Hospitable To Whom?

The Hospitality Industry is the UMBRELLA for businesses that include tourism, hotels, restaurants, cruises, flights, walking tours, group tours… Anything that takes you away from home to another destination and provides food and lodging, entertainment, and site-seeing… It’s a huge umbrella! 

A Romp Down Hospitality Lane: 

Old ship crossing
English noblemen “took the tour” back in 1700!

This all started in the 17th century – no I wasn’t here for that –  when noblemen were said to be “taking the tour”.

They went typically to four countries from the UK: France, Germany, Greece, and Italy and were already revelling in the international snobbery…

They could say: “My friends live on the Continent”.

One hundred years later, the upper classes were still taking “crossings” of the English Channel and sailing to America. 
They had a good thing going! 

Enter 1970. Yes, I wouldn’t have missed it!

Tourism has changed dramatically over the past fifty years. 
Now there is MASS Tourism, available for the masses! 

Now the “haves-not so much” can fly and sail and drive to destinations of their choice. 

It Was A Phenomenon!

Cell phone boom
Remember the cell phone boom?

The first time I flew, I went to Montreal for a week.

Wow, this was cool.

That plane just took off and landed and nothing happened…
We were the first to really get into it after WWll. 

Some people thought this would never “take off”.
ThereI said it!

It was an unexpected expense in our lives and mostly it was considered extravagant.
I got over that hurdle pretty quickly!

Flying grew exponentially. It became massive in a very short time.
Like the cell phone boom; bet you remember that event! 

Fifty years ago, we were starting to see brochures showing white sandy beaches, spa-like bathrooms and reed huts fitted with modern amenities – not found in our homes – overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

Hospitality Came To Center Stage

The “disney-like” Hospitality-Tourism Industry had an idea: “Let’s show people what it is really like in the Caribbean”. 

“Let’s make the pictures attractive and inviting”.

honeymoon suite
Who wouldn’t want the honeymoon suite?

“Let’s make package deals and use the USD for trade. Let’s keep it inexpensive and simple”. For now.

Guess what? As the Tourism Industry grew exponentially, so did the airline industry, hotels and food industry, and cruise ships...

Surprise!.. Everyone had a job and was happy to be involved with the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY!

Tourism Put Them On The Map!

Here’s a scenario:
The infrastructure on this small island is benefited from Tourism!

The Hospitality Industry can strut its stuff!..  
The islanders’ lives are enriched; now they have the means to travel by air to anywhere in the world.

This is their livelihood and you are visiting their humble part of the world because their Tourism Board wanted you there! 

They promised you a restful vacation and beautiful scenery and you’re going to get it.
They promised you that this would be a luxury get-away and only the finest would do.

Hospitality is here to make it happen for you… big time!

Here’s The Spin-off!

Beach vacation
This is the island vacation getaway, promised by Juan and his neighbours!

Juan lives here, and for the first time in his life, he can afford to own a car because he works in the Hospitality Industry.

This industry has provided a wave of businesses, and thousands of jobs, improving the economy for everyone. 

The country has invested in their infrastructure for visitors to get around.
Now the locals have new roads.

Island cities are pretty
Island cities are pretty and inviting!

The income from tourists has paid huge taxes into the economy.
Now Juan’s children attend better schools!

They have more hospitals, libraries and community centres. 

There is a sense of cultural exchange between the citizens and the visitors.

This is life-altering. They can never be the same!

Here Are Some Numbers:

In the Maldives, 39% of their GDP is tourism and it accounts for 16% of employment! This is followed by the British Virgin Islands, (how do they know this?) Seychelles, Aruba and most of the Caribbean Islands. 

Remember when Cuba opened for tourism again?
The reviews said: the hospitality is tremendous! 

They had the goods, and tourists just needed to know what they were, how they could enjoy them,
and what it would cost.

The Tourism Industry planted the seeds... heh… heh... that this will be your next vacation destination!

Visitors are willing to pay the price for a wonderful tropical vacation. They will make the absolute most of their trip because they will be back home in 14 days to face the snowy winter… It’s February in Montreal!

What Is The Downside?

airport on the island
The airport is situated at one end of the island!

Is this all ok? Do we want to give up huge tracts of land for airports and adjoining roads?
Do we want noise and pollution at this end of the island?

Well, offhand I would say yes. The land is being used to build an airport and the roads and businesses that go with it.

Unfortunately, there is always a downside to development, and the ratio of farmland cannot be compromised.
It needs to be carefully monitored. 

On the other hand…
This airport has grown the economy… don’t forget the concessions, hotels and restaurants that followed.

Our world is enriched with the travel options we have, and there is no end to the opportunities that are opening up. 

What’s Your ETA?

The airport is a study in logistical genius. We have no clue what happens to our luggage when we check in… Except that it goes to the right aeroplane so that your bags arrive-at-your-destination.
These are the nuts and bolts.

In all the years I have travelled, my suitcase was lost only once. It was personally delivered 2 hours later…
Great hospitality service!

Another time my luggage was destroyed beyond repair by handlers!
I think they ran over it on the tarmac, with a Boeing, several times.
The bags were replaced!

What’s My Experience?

Windsor was a small airport
When I was a kid, our airport was small!

When I was a teen, our town had a dilemma. 

Our airport was small. People made fun of how the planes were walked in toward the building.

They didn’t use those paddle-thingeys; they crooked their index finger in that “come here” gesture to move the planes forward. 

Ok, so at least the structure was there. 

Windsor, Detroit skylines
Detroit is across the river; Windsor is in the foregroung.

The city began to prosper after our airport expanded and became an international destination.

Thanks, Hospitality-Tourism Industry, for those beautiful brochures, showing our humble city, sitting across the river from Detroit.

A great location for people wanting to fly to a less expensive airport. Cheaper ticket all around. Revenue for us.
I have more to tell you about the Windsor/Detroit border cities, click here!

Now we can go anywhere… We have an international airport.   

How Will YOU Benefit?

Executive guest
Enjoy the executive suite!

When you land you will be taken to your hotel in a taxi.
It is about two miles and costs $20.00 plus a tip.
(I only have a ten-dollar bill!!)… plus a $10.00 tip.

Reminder to self: stop at ATM for more cash for tips, because everyone here is doing their best to make this a wonderful experience for me! 

Must have cost a lot to build this hotel. Think about architects, builders, masons, electricians, plumbers, finishers, designers…

And don’t forget the industry which supplies all the bedding and towels to said hotel. 
And food… Everything comes here by ship; this is an island!

The DOMINO EFFECT is staggering and this is what gives us a thriving economy. 

How Do YOU Like It So Far?

The concierge is a great guy and really gets things done. He has sent my bags to my room. 
I leave a tip with him and proceed to the bar for a relaxing martini. 

I can de-stress; my clothes will be unpacked and hung. Nice; they steam out the wrinkles.
I should go upstairs soon and wash and change for dinner. I leave a tip at the bar. 

Ah, such a nice suite with clean fresh towels and bed linens. There’s a beautiful breeze coming off the ocean. “Margarite” is the chamber-maid here. I will have to remember that. 

I feel good now and the dining room is filling up. There is lots of chatter and live music on the sea-side deck.
My friends have arrived at our table… What’s for dinner?

How Do They DO This?

Have you ever wondered how everyone gets fed, at the same time, in such a huge hotel? 

There are four main dining rooms, each with massive kitchens.
There are hundreds of people working in them, to serve you a hot and delicious meal. 

Stay away from those swinging doors! Be careful!.. 
If you go through the wrong one… you could die!

And The Timing Is Perfect

Your table for eight will eat together and be served at the same time.
Dinner will be hot, attractive and delicious! – – I know!
By the way, this hotel will probably serve up to 1000 meals tonight from those very large and heavily-staffed kitchens. 

A Hotel Does Not Sleep:

In your mind, roam the halls and see how the rooms are changed and dressed at least once a day…
The fairies are at work!

Room service breakfast
Room Service!

Room service prepared about 600 breakfasts this morning and almost everyone wanted theirs between six and seven a.m… with HOT coffee,

All four kitchens in those great rooms of griddles, ovens and toasters were busy; all hands on deck for breakfast. 

Everyone has a job to do. Everyone has a responsibility as an ambassador!

As the front desk would say, “We Want You Back”. 

Who benefits?  Probably the whole town around the hotel and beyond! 
And... now they have an airport! 

These industries serve thousands of people whether they work in the building or not. 

Don’t forget the mom-and-pop hotels nearby who are happy to accept the overflow.
This pays for their teens’ college tuition! 

75 Years Of Memories! 

The first thing that jumps out at me is how the Hospitality Industry has shaped our lives for the last 75 years. 
Families are more spread around the world and don’t mind the distance.
They can always fly home for a visit.

every town is a tourist destination
Every single country in the world can be a tourist destination! Ca-ching!

We see unusual delicacies in the grocery stores – this is from Thailand? 
We need a particular console table and it comes from Sweden Ikea?
Butterscotch toffee – from England?

Today, cars, clothes, food, oil and even education are imported. 
We offset this with our exports. 
is considered an export of sorts. 

As long as there are airports, ships, trains, busses, or dog sledges, people will always travel in some form to go elsewhere.

Once the Hospitality Industry got into the act, there was no turning back – ca-ching! 

Hospitality and Travel and Tourism have proved one simple thing:
Every – single – country,
in the world
, can be a tourist destination!

Regards, Corinne

6 thoughts on “Is Hospitality Hospitable?”

  1. Wow Cook you did it again and brought this seemingly invisible industry into a new reality. Of course none of this happens by accident as it all takes incredible planning and more planning to pull off such great service and life changing experiences for everyone who makes the effort to afford it. Well done, very light and insightful.
    Thanks for a great ride, Wayne

    • Hi Wayne and I am so glad that you were the first to read Hospitality! I so appreciate your comments.
      Yes, it all takes incredible planning, and that’s part of the domino effect!
      Thanks for taking the ride!

  2. Thanks a lot for this valuable and comprehensive post on Hospitality. Traveling is actually something I like a lot. And I also agree with what you said. In fact, the economy of some countries depends on tourism. Maldives is the best example. Almost every country in the world has people who depend on it. Keep posting like this.

    • Pasindu, thank you for reading my Hospitality post. I look forward to your replies and comments!
      Yes, sometimes these small nations have nothing else in the way of world trade. Implementing tourism into their economy will surely increase their population. This is offset by the new opportunities the people have and the better lifestyle.

      Yes, I will keep posting like this with your encouragement.
      Is there anything that you would like to hear about?
      I will do my best to bring it to light.
      Regards, Corinne

  3. IMO, Flying and its associates, eg . the
    lineups , customs , removing part of your wardrobe , very cramped seats , “ the gourmet snacks” , of course I could go on for quite a while , have all made vacation travel through the air too much if a hassle as to be worthwhile.
    And I haven’t enough mentioned the Covid nonsense.
    They have really wrecked Hospitality.

    • Yes, Terry, the inconvenience is for real. The test is how badly you want to go somewhere, like when you and June went on the safari in Kenya! What a treat when you got there!
      Yes, the good old days are still a reminder of what it once was. I predict we will get into the next phase of travel and it will be improved. Let’s see what’s next!
      Thanks for your comment.


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