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  1. Loebach Terry says:

    Hi Corrine !
    Apparently I’m going to have to spruce up my ‘robe’ for when you visit here next ; no more Value Village slacks !
    The references to Greek eggplant remind me of Toscana, back when it was still open – back when anything was still open .
    Et pour moi, je pourrais faire mousser de la mayonnaise sur presque tout.

    You write well .
    In a very shabby-chic style.
    I am enjoying the Reads.
    Thanks TL

    1. You NEVER wear VV slacks! I am glad you enjoyed the blogs; my next is about Greece. (Your French is impeccable). Watch this space.

  2. Rykken Smith says:

    Omg, how I remember those restaurants and the Frits! Today, we always ask for mayo with our fries, but rarely do we find them like in Belgium. And the mussels, I never developed a taste, but Larry did and only loves them with a Belgian sauce.
    We had so much fun, didn’t we?

    1. O Rykken we did not see that experience for the privilege that it was. It was idyllic. Greece on the next blog.


    Oh yes Belgian food was exquisite in its own special way! How about Sundays playing Squash and drinking warm beer! Then out to Chinese restaurants with many rounds of fine wine. I can transport myself to that time and all those places. Those were the days!

    1. Yes Elaine, this is what I am trying to convey. One wouldn’t know this unless you went there. And look at the lifelong contact it has given us!

  4. Such lovely narratives on your amazing travels Corrine! So many amazing adventures you have experienced!💙

    1. Hello Cheri, so happy to hear from you.
      Thank you for your comments. What I did, relates to your life, in that you live in a very enviable situation.
      We have all benefited.