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    what a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing this Corinne!

  2. TERRY LOEBACH says:

    hi Cook – this was a very informative motorcycle Blog ; I now have a new appreciation.
    For instance, I had no idea that in the late 1960s, a nice girl on a motorcycle did not wear black leather.
    I did know about slippery when wet .
    And if she wants to be a cupcake, I say – let her.
    Talk more on the weekend.

    1. Hi Terry and glad you enjoyed this post on motorcycle riding! I like your comment about being a cupcake.
      That’s all good as long as we each do our job.
      My underlying point about nice girls in the 1960s is that she wouldn’t be on a motorcycle at all if she was a proper little lady. Times have changed!
      See you and June on Sunday…looking forward to it!

  3. Wayne Denis says:

    Hi Cook,
    I enjoyed the read and I must admit I am envious. I have had many opportunities to join that fraternity over the years but I guess seeing the many “mishaps” and tragedies in my former line of work dissuaded me. I still remember the beautiful Gold Wing and gear I was offered at a ridiculous price that I had to turn down for several reasons and I regret it to this day. Do I love riding? Yes I do and if I had it to do over again I’m certain I would also “Ride to live and live to ride”.

    1. Hi Wayne, You have the attitude of a true biker and I know that you could be a very good one.
      Still not too late!
      Glad you enjoyed the post. I am following up with another motorcycle blog.
      Watch this space!

  4. pasindu dimanka says:

    Thank you very much for this detailed post about motorcycles. In fact, I always use the motorcycle to travel. Because it is very easy to travel. If the weather is really good, I often go there. It’s really fun like you said. Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

    1. Thank you Pasindu – it’s good to hear from you again!

      It is great that you have a motorcycle to get around. Do you live in a high-traffic area?

      Definitely, a motorcycle saves on fuel and space. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Regards, Corinne