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  1. Wow, Corinne! I’ve never traveled the world before. The only other “country” I’ve been to is Texas. Haha! This was definitely “What Day is This?’, because I would be so confounded by the sites and the time differences! A wonderful use of 24 hours if there ever was one! Thanks for this fantastic virtual trip experienced through oyur eyes and thoughtful imagery!

    1. Hello Jeff, I am so pleased with your comment. We border on the same “style” so I feel you understand me. I invite you to read more of my blogs if you like travel. I just completed “Travel Has No Downside” and “What Happened with Elsa?”
      I am having a ball doing this and it is cathartic to write, isn’t it? I will be submitting a new one for comment in a couple of days.
      Watch this space!
      Thanks again, Corinne