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  1. Very informative. I must say I was among those confused and searching for the connection between the topic and the category it was put under. 

    The post coincidentally answered early on, yet I still feel that the article focused solely on bees and how much of a hard worker they are, ending with a reminder and note of how important, beneficial, and noble it is to help out our pollinator friends. However, I must admit that bees do get around a lot and even dance with significant meaning implied. Indeed as anyone would want to have the strength of an ant, i.e., around 10 – 50 times their body weight, I would guess that no one would want to pass over getting the Bee’s knees. It comes to mind that most bees are better workers than most humans are and are even more vital to the human race’s survival than we thought. If you’ve ever seen the Bee movie, you’ll understand what I’m referring to. Planting pollinators is a good step for beginners, but if you’d want to own a bee house, it’s best to possess the proper equipment when handling them, aside from being optimistic about them not stinging you. 

    Regardless, it’s an exciting and unique read, especially when placed in the travel category.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you Sergej for your indepth reply. I did not see the Bee movie but maybe now I will do my best to watch it.

      And thanks for your critiques, they are helpful.

      Regards, Corinne