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  1. Loebach Terry says:

    Your message – the right attitude – is 100 % true.
    Good job .
    Just like Simon and Martin had.

    1. Thank you Terry,for messaging my blog.
      Could you relate in any way to the South African Safari Vacations?
      Remember it’s tongue-in-cheek, but I knew people like this!

      Regards, Cook

  2. Wayne Denis says:

    I remember the work shop dad had in the basement and how I learned what the kind of wood was by the smell that crept up through the floor. I remember “landscaping” the front yard with Ken using a wheel barrow as we took dirt from our field all one summer and we moved over 200 loads by hand. I also remember dad preparing breakfast on Sunday mornings which was the only times he ever did. I remember fighting whose turn it was to do the dishes. I also remember the smell of dad’s pipe, rum and maple and I still have the green glass ashtray that he used to set his pipe into when he was done, funny how none of the boys smoked, I always wondered why that was.

    1. Hi Wayne, I am glad this post took you down memory lane. Sounds like you have a story to publish, judging by your reply. I would like to read that one! All the best in your writing career!