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  1. Wow. From all I can take from this article, I think it is important for one to make research about any country they would be going to in special cases, like this student exchange program, to avoid unknowingly breaking any of their rules. Thanks 

  2. Wayne Denis says:

    What an adventure that would be to be immersed in a culture where you don’t speak or understand the language. In the limited overseas travelling I’ve done there was always many people who spoke english so I got off lucky I guess…..or did I.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      Yes, there is a fine line between knowing how to speak the language and “getting away” with not having to try.
      For every language we speak we inherit another life!
      There are great tools online for learning languages, but I believe that the best way is total immersion!
      Sink or swim! We will surprise ourselves.
      Thanks for your comment.