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  1. pasindu dimanka says:

    Thank you very much for this comprehensive Elite Tourism post. I also like to travel a lot. I also really dream of traveling around the world. Your post is really a good foundation for doing that. In fact, I had not even calculated the costs involved. But you have even done them in this post. Keep posting valuable travel related posts like this. I will definitely share this.

    1. Hello Pasindu! 

      I am always so pleased to hear someone say that they enjoyed my post and it was educational as well!

      This makes me so glad and yes, please share. Share!

      Regards, Corinne

      PS. Once around the world? Piece of cake!

  2. I could see your urge and passion for traveling around the world.

    Your tips and ways to make travel happen in anyone’s life are valuable. 

    I never knew enough or many of the tricks you have considered, giving examples in many cases.

    I traveled 19 times to India over years and never gathered and used points or cards.

    More recently I got an AMEX card and had points. But the part of the ticket I had to pay was way higher than another airline. They changed their policy of paying cash for miles.

    I am influenced by your article.

    I will look at the cards my daughter is using to accumulate points she travels a lot and has the appetite for going around to personally experience the culture.

    Awesome post that has the real potential to change one’s life.

    1. Anusuya! I am humbled by your comment!
      AND I am so glad you enjoyed my post and found it educational as well.

      Contact me anytime!

      Regards, Corinne

  3. Wayne Denis says:

    Great one Cook. When I travelled it was paid for by the Canadian taxpayers so thank you for that. While in Kosovo Cheri planned a trip to Israel and that was a life changing event in our lives. She planned everything and she is nothing short of amazing what would I do without her? I also travelled with my American buddy who was also an IPO (international police officer) and we went to Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. We walked through Athens and climbed the Acropolis and I even stood on Mars Hill where the apostle Paul preached to the Greeks about the “unknown” God whom they had made a pedestal for but no statue.
    We even went to Istanbul and stayed in the Golden Horn and visited Topkapi Palace from where the Ottoman empire ruled and the Grand Bazaar with 5000 shops. How’s that for a shopping spree? All this was done in less than 9 months of deployment. Wonderful blog by the way. Your writing makes the reader feel as a participant in your world adventures….a not so common ability. Well done Cook er I mean Corinne with two “n”s.

    1. Thank you Wayne,
      Your comments are very encouraging.
      Did you like the part about Giselle?
      Don’t discount your own travels which deserve to be published too!
      You are a great storyteller.

  4. Quite entertaining, Cook! You have given your readers a lot of good suggestions. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

    1. Thank you June. You know what it’s like! You’ve been there!