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  1. Rykken Smith says:

    I remember so many of the events well! The BeeGees, the waltz, and of course the squash! We had a lot of fun back in Linkeroever!

    1. Yes Rykken it was so much fun. Do you remember the castle experience or were you not there at the time?

  2. Sue Steinhagen says:

    This brings back many memories! How fortunate we were to experience it all.
    Was the dinner dance at the castle the one I worked on, for a special anniversary of the Antwerp American women’s club, Cook? If so, I’m amazed to hear your memory of it. It’s a blessing if so!

    1. Yes Susan, you worked on that project. It was a big hit. I hope you read It’s called Greece For A Reason. You will enjoy that. Also, South Of The D And Still in Canada is about Detroit and most of the antics from my time there. Tongue in cheek and lots of truth. A trip down memory lane.
      Glad you are enjoying my blogs!