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Traveling For Fun - Embroidered Hot Air Balloons
Photo by Olga Kalinina at Pexels


I am Corinne with one r and two nn(s). That makes me different from the Corinnes’ who spell their names in the classic style. I love traveling for fun!

This blog really isn’t about me though.

It’s really about my two favourite interests, after my family, which are travel, and sewing.

I became a super-sewer and enjoyed this outlet all my life. The beauty of my interests is they didn’t have to stand apart from each other. And so sewing travelled with me.

By the time I was 19 years old, I began to travel extensively. I had no idea that my first flight would be exactly that: the first of many.

I just wanted to go everywhere and to see everything. I am a very curious person, so I considered the world to be the platform that could satisfy my craving.

I had no idea that both interests would bring me so much satisfaction and creativity. I felt just as creative in travel as I did in making things with my hands.
One can be very innovative when you are stuck somewhere and have to find a way home!

For travel, I never even thought about the different food in every country. It never occurred to me to wonder what I would eat when I got there. I was forced to try everything. That was what they were offering. So I ate.

There was the excitement of seeing something so different from what I knew. Many times the destination was far beyond what I could have imagined. I did not even bother to read up on where I was going.

Take it as it comes. My only research was to buy the correct currencies for the trip.

For sewing and hand-made items, I had the heady side effect of compliments on my work. I could not believe that I would be good enough to become a sewing mo-jo. I passed on what I knew and destroyed the myth that sewing was difficult.

My goal was to show a learner how easy this process was. Don’t let anyone dictate your style; make what you want to make. Make it fun.

Looking back I believe that these were wise choices. It is what I can relate to now and talk about with fondness. I have been enriched and blessed by both activities which make for a well-rounded life. The experience became my teacher and left its trail.

Regards, Corinne