Are Bikers Sexy?

YES, And Why Not?

bikers are sexy
Bikers ARE sexy!

These Bikers are sexy. Tennis players, boxers and football players are too! Everyone wears the uniform.

BUTYOU are making a statement! 

You look badass on a motorcycle! You are the real deal!
Would I be happy if my daughter brought this guy home to meet us?.. For Sure!

He looks cool, confident, and responsible! He will protect our little girl. He looks like an Engineer!

The cross-section of people in the biker community is staggering! You will meet every level of education, wealth, and personal beliefs… We’re all here!

Are There Many Older Riders?

The ones with longevity, are, of course, the best riders! The danger is there – it’s very real!

Driving a motorcycle is 38X more dangerous than driving any other vehicle.
Bikers have an attitude of excitement; a bad boy image.

There’s that sexy element of danger, the moody loner.
Ride safely… or moody is all you will be.

When Should We Start?

I am for a rider starting as early as 5 or 6 years old!
Your child could be learning in his age group. Not a bad activity for kids, especially if they LIKE it!

Don’t go and buy a 180 mph crotch rocket that can push 160 horsepower for their eighteenth birthday!

It’s light, cheap, fast, and can go off-road as well. No one can catch the beast! 

This rider will NOT own this bike, IT will own him if he hasn’t learned to respect it! 

Hot-dogging on a motorcycle is not sexy. I know you’ll pull a wheelie with your friends in a parking lot.
Don’t do it on the road. It’s against the law, and it’s dangerous!

NOT cool! – – you want to be here to ride tomorrow!

The least you can do is suit up for the activity.
The MOST you can do is LEARN TO RIDE!

I Have Longevity!

This brings me to your retirement coming up.
Now you have time to DO this with Marilyn! Take your DOLL on an adventure!

This is the ultimate in soul-mingling; no marriage counselling needed.

I am not a fan of getting your “first hog” when you retire.
It’s late to start…We will approach this differently.

Join a riding club for at least two years before you retire! You and Marilyn will develop street smarts which will help you on the road.

You will have confidence and feel good about yourself… You will have fun in this club!

Get the equipment you need to protect yourself!
BTW, that same equipment will make you look soooo COOL!


Let’s Go Triking

start with a trike
Start by riding a three-wheeler!

Consider driving a three-wheeler – a trike!
It is safer, it won’t tip over and you can enjoy your ride!

It steers like a car and it can reverse into a parking space, with the push of a button!

Why wouldn’t you want to do things the easy way?

The biker on the trike is highly respected and wants to ride forever.
As long as he can handle the bike, he is welcome!

When you and Marilyn join the riding club, as two-uppers, you both have to do your part.

Cuddle up, Marilyn! Wrap your arms around your man!.. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Your biker is really sexy!

Is It Really Safe Out There?

As young riders versus seniors go, youth are more likely to be killed or injured first.
Seniors’ experiences outweigh the need for unnecessary speed.

Safety rules first! You cannot attain longevity without it!

Knowing that you are on this adventure ride with your safe, reliable partner, is for sure sexy.
You know you are in capable hands.

Before That Happens:

There is a certain discipline in riding a motorcycle,

Marilyn needs to learn the rules of the road and use all the hand signals available…
Know why?
So that you and your bike are as visible as possible.

Motorists DON”T see us. We are not noticeable to them.
Some do not understand that the rules of the road apply to everyone.
You learn to anticipate what they are thinking about you!
(Now you are thinking about them!)

If you have to get off the road, get as far off as possible! 

Be Vigilant! 

If a wayward motorist comes at you, take your hands off those love handles Marilyn!
Gesture wildly and get his attention!
Shout out “hey! We’re standing here!”

No, not just a BIRD! Use ALL your fingers… Flag them down!

Good job!

Here Is The REAL Deal!

she's a badassette
A bad-assette!

This is not to confuse Hollywood types, who have fabulous hair, with the woman who is a true biker

I hope our biker lady has great hair; it’s a plus and less to fuss about – –

I know guys, but this is a girl’s HAIR we’re talking about here!..
It’s important to us… You know that! 

Who’s That Girl?

She is respected as a capable biker and considerate of others in her group. 

Yes, a woman on a motorcycle is very sexy.
She has no fluff; she’s pretty, and reeks of discipline, courage,
and brazen self-confidence!

She’s managing this beast all on her own!

Did I say sexy?..

She looks so fine – a bad-asset – on her bike!..whoo-hoo!
(That’s a FRENCH female badass) (I think).

Who doesn’t look sexy dressed in jeans and leather from head to toe?

Let’s Go Shopping!

everyone has their own style
Everyone has their
own style!

I will show you how g-o-o-d you will look!.. Later. 

Leather will keep out the wind, and stave off the worst harm.

Your t-shirts and woollen socks, boots, scarf, gloves, and helmet will keep you warm.

I’ll get you suited up in no time!

Now For The Outfit!

Gort looks the part
Gort looks the part!

The first thing to do is buy your LEATHER JACKET!
It needs to fit well because you want it to hug you in the wind.

It has to be PERFECT!.. It addresses your style and your level of ATTITUDE!

Zips are the way to go: one in front and on the pockets and sleeves. 
Don’t forget the vents, front and back, to cool your body down on a hot day!

Wherever you go you enter like the MAN! This is attitude.  


Never Underestimate The Value Of A Great Pair Of Chaps!

CHAPS look SO cool!

everyone looks good in chaps
Everybody looks good in chaps!

This is the sexy precocious image bikers have… It’s the chaps!
Admit it guys, you can’t look away when you see a biker chick in chaps!
They’re HOT!

Chaps will hold back the wind when it’s cold out there.
But they are often seen worn in much warmer weather!
Why is that?..

THAT’S sexy!

He wears serious gloves
What gloves you wear are important. These are serious

Just As Essential

I have boots with zips on the side for quick removal,  just-in-case we need to get our rain suits on, just before the storm.
(read about essential packing for a motorcycle trip here)

You might NOT be able to “stop somewhere” if you are out in the boonies… Pack your rain suit, please

Buying and looking for more accessories is not always about wanting something new. It takes time to gather your gear!

Choose your gloves. You will need them, even when it’s not-so-cold out there.
They are essential for safety.
Those are serious gloves on this biker… I BET he wears chaps!

Don’t Forget The Jewellery!

biker jewelry for girls
Your jewellery makes a

It’s not like you HAVE to have certain jewellery to wear on a bike.
A biker chick will wear certain jewellery with certain things!
Jeans and BLACK LEATHER go with everything! 

So why not LOOK the part? The jewellery is all about the activity.

If you don’t believe me, ask European skiers in the Alps.
They DRESS the part!.. 


Do You Have A $50.00 Head?

don't buy a $50.00 helmet
Only buy a $50.00 helmet if you
have a $50.00 head!

Then why would you want to spend less than $49.95 on a helmet?

Your helmet is priority gear, and is protecting your head – from brain damage!

If your bike goes down, the first part of you to hit the tarmac will be your head!.. Followed by your hands! Remember the gloves!

Always wear a DOT (Department Of Transportation) certified helmet.

My winter helmet has sunglasses built in that retract into the visor!
No, it wasn’t necessary but it is convenient and stylish… I had to have it! 

No-th-ing wrong with any look! This is not a beauty contest! (Oh, RIGHT!) (One forgets.)

Which Way Will He Go?

This is a special day: the whole club is meeting at our favourite roadhouse at 6 a.m.
We have coffees (and doughnuts) and I am wearing my FINGERLESS gloves... Get the idea?

We’re leaning against our bikes, which are on their kickstand.
We are facing east and watching the sunrise.

Aaaaahhhhhh!.. Ohhhhhhh!

Ok, time to head out WEST! – No driving into the sunrise today.
Last time we did that we squinted so hard, the oncoming motorists swerved away from us in fright!

You know better! Drive west in the morning!.. EAST in the afternoon! 

Our Leader Will Lead! 

If you’re the leader of the pack and everyone is riding with you for the day, you will be expected to lead.
You are that capable rider, the one everyone looks up to. You have a job to do.

Marshalls are stationed throughout the group and at the end of the line to be with the stragglers.
You could be 5 motorcyclists or 50. You could even be 500-strong… 

There Is Always A Protocol

riding in formation
The whole group stays together… in

For any size group, the leader makes sure that everyone goes through the traffic light, and the intersection to-ge-th-er! 

For commemorations or charity rides, permission is obtained from the city for the event.

That way the city knows your route. Police can control traffic on side streets so cars won’t drive through the motorcade. 

The marshalls ensure that the whole group stays together and it is much safer for everyone.

There is nothing sexier than the leader-take-charge type of guy.

Everyone on a motorcycle is judged by their sensitivity to the riders and motorists around them!

Another Payoff?

There are t-shirts available at the end of the rally to commemorate the event!
There are always t-shirts at any biker gathering in the USA.

Like an American institution, Uncle Sam helps to keep his bikers clothed!
If not a t-shirt, what would a biker wear? 

Form A Crooked Line!

Motorcycles don’t ride side by side as that can be dangerous. You can’t anticipate what this rider next to you will do, and there is not much room for mistakes… Always stagger each biker, in a step-formation.

Ever wonder about this?.. Uh-huh?.. So did I!  

Say it’s a small group, and a vehicle wants to pass all of you at once! 

The Scenario?

You don’t want gaps that motorists can slip into in between the riders.
This would be a bad situation and you need to get out of it!.. NOW! 

Having a motorist within the group creates panic – for the car and driver.
AND we don’t know what HE will do.

You might not have the opportunity to make this blunder again! A faux pas for sure!


Isn’t Leather Hot To Wear? What’s The Downside?

Only when we stop!
But when that bike is moving, and the wind whips around your body, you definitely feel powerful…

Can’t HELP it. Speed does that to people!

I feel like Wonder Woman!

You can get wet, dirty, and dusty with bugs SQUASHED on your helmet and your glasses!
There will be bugs SQUISHED into your new leathers too! 

Aaugghhh!.. Now I have to clean up this mess!


Is There Another Downside? You Only Mentioned One! 

Look, I don’t like to be disloyal, but a motorcycle is kind of short on space. There is room to take what you need, but not for much else.

For a long-distance ride, 500 miles or more – (not in one day, silly) – you have to pack carefully.
If you ride two-up as we do, everything needs to be considered.

What Goes Into The Boot?

cowgirl in chaps
Chaps make EVERY
body look great!

You NEED to take your rain gear… just IN CASE it rains
(ha-ha-ha-ha-ha sorry that just slipped out)!

…and a change of clothes for about 4 days.
We like to roll underwear and socks into a t-shirt – you have lots of
t-shirts. Remember?.. Uncle Sam?

You need your chaps for the colder days.
They take up a lot of SPACE so you should probably wear them. 
You look SO cool!

Read more about biker chaps here!

Take along toiletries; use those sample packs. Be a minimalist.
Take along walking shoes to rest your feet after they’ve been in boots all day…
What a RELIEF! 

If you are a camper, you will definitely need a bike trailer. 

Just One More Thing…

What Does It Mean To WEATHER The Weather?

It’s not as if you will always be caught in the rain.

Sometimes you are far away from home and there is nothing else to do but brave the weather until you find a rest stop or motel along the road. By this time if it is pouring, you are probably already wet!

Or, if you are only an hour or two away from home, you get wet. 
You know you can curl up in front of a fire after a hot shower. 

So, you press on because it’s all about the RIDE!

Who’s The Sexy One Here?

Don’t look around, you know who you are.

Did that girl say she would ride with you?
NOW, who’s the man?

This is your first ride together and she likes it! This is your opportunity to show her what a leader you are!
And you wore your chaps!

It’s cool to feel sexy!

So many roads, so little time!

Regards, (Biker-Mamma) Corinne

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8 thoughts on “Are Bikers Sexy?”

  1. I never thought of biking as sexy before, but you are right it could be if you look at it in a different perspective. There is a lot of wonderful accessories to be bought, like chaps, that will do it, as well as being useful to the rider. 

    Safety is of course very important, as you don’t have the safety of a car to protect you, so bikers have to realize that showing off in a dangerous fashion is definitely not sexy, just stupid. 

    • Hello Michel, if I convinced you to look at the sexy side of motorcycles through my post, then my job is done! 

      How can they not look sexy? It’s in the attitude too. But dangerous behaviour is never tolerated.

      Thank you for your reply to my post.

      Regards, Corinne

  2. Before I started riding , I have always looked at riders with great admiration. They are lovely and always welcoming, that use to and will continue to be my opinion of riders. Both challenges of riders have always been my headache – there is no enough space and the effect of weather. But like you rightly said, they happen once in a while and they can be a lot of fun with good companions 

    •  Biking is like any sport: when people do it and they have a support group, it is usually fun for all. You are with like-minded people. Yes, space and weather are the two big issues with motorcycles, but it goes with the territory.
      Thank you for your reply.

      Regards, Corinne

  3. Cook I agree with all your comments and particularly your disapproval of the “hot-doggers” who have to show off their lack of biker discipline meaning safety first. In my former line of work these are the ones who gave bikers a bad name and we used to refer to them as “organ donors”.

    • Hi Wayne, yes, you would have seen plenty of bad behaviour on bikes in your line of work! Having the disapproval of your fellow riders is very bad form and something that a member of the “brotherhood” would not take lightly. At the very least, many bikers do end up with injuries. Though accident injuries are regarded with respect if the injury happened from unaware motorists. If the injury happened through carelessness or worse, showing off, it would be better if you did not talk about it!
      Thank you for your comment!


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