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  1. Brenda W. says:

    Lovely read! Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you Brenda. What did you think of the vernacular?

  2. Wayne Denis says:

    Great read Cook, but “corn bread”? ok.

    1. Thanks Wayne, I kind of was depictin’ the south. What did you think of the vernacular?

  3. Loebach Terry says:

    Satchel Paige, the greatest “ negro “ pitcher from the black leagues once said – Don’t look back , someone might be catching up to you .
    Yes, I git the vernacular, but I don’t know where you got it, so I guess I don’t really git it ! Does that fit ?
    Your momma did well .

    1. Hi Terry and thanks for your comment. I wanted to take a risk bc writing is so expressive. Just a twist on the storytelling. It worked bc so many people commented on it. I think people have a hard time associating this vernacular with me. No matter, continue to watch this space.