What Does A Real Biker Look Like?

this is what the real biker
looks like
There’s a clean t-shirt
in the saddlebag!

He’s The Real Deal!

What do Real Bikers look like? They’re the real deal – the guys that everyone aspires to be.

They are the leaders of the pack;
a rider rides a motorcycle and would love to be called a BIKER!

Aren’t they the same, you ask? Care to ask a Biker if he aspires to be just a rider?

HE Looks Like A Real Biker

Sure must be nice to be part of that Biker camaraderie.
They look so carefree and confident.

They can wear some of the rattiest-looking clothes and guess what?
They look cool!

They don’t mind the wrinkled and messy look…there’s a clean
t-shirt in the saddle bag.

It’s not the clothes that make the person!

Can That Real Biker Be A Stereotype?

(Make your voice deep) “I’ll have to stop for a rest somewhere, in some quiet town. I’ll shave and wash my clothes, maybe even take a shower”.

Ok!.. He’s our stereotypical biker from the early days of movies.

I still see posters of Easy Rider in baby-boomer garages: Fonda, Hopper, and Nicholson.
Out – on – the – hi-gh-way... looking for adventure, for whatever comes my wa-ay!

Everyone wanted to do that: shut the door and leave for parts unknown...
Disappear, and tell no one.

They had a m-o-o-d!

Yes, But, We Heard That A Real Biker…

Remember those stereotypes in the movies where the motorcycle was dismantled on the kitchen floor?
There were always two small children running through the grease dripping out of the oil pan… In their bare feet.

A heavily pregnant mom stepped through the mess on the kitchen floor while holding her aching back!.. Yuck!

Not a pretty picture. No wonder bikers have a bad reputation

How Did Those Bikers Get A Start?

Some men rode motorcycles in the war and continued after returning home.

When I was a child, motorcyclists were the people who could not afford a real car!
That was my impression… Poor them.

I didn’t realize that they were on some very fast roads. They might have been fleeing danger!

And sometimes they were out there alone.
I learned that they wanted to ride a motorcycle in any kind of weather!

They Re-Awakened The Thrill Of It All!

cracked leather bomber jackets
They wore those cracked leather bomber

They had to satisfy the urgency in their spirit!
Perhaps they wanted to be on a BIG motorcycle and tame the beast.

The early riders enjoyed it so much!

These men knew that women were ga-ga over these BIKERS!
Pleasing the girls was a great motivation.

Look at the persona they have now:

They came back from the war wearing those cracked leather bomber jackets… like Marlon Brando or Indiana Jones.

Underneath it all, their attitude made the difference... Really!

Who Is A “Rider”?

A motorcycle rider is someone who rides a motorcycle.
He does not “own a bike” and does not see himself as a “bi-KER“!

He just does not drive a car all the time.

Maybe it is for the fuel economy or he just likes to ride sometimes.
Especially on an island vacation for the convenience.

He would tell you about his car if you asked him what he drove,

What About The Poor Baby?

He parks his motorcycle in his garage and has a mechanic look at it every year
for a tune-up.
It is covered for the winter… out of sight till spring.

A good practice, I might add, but does this rider ever get his hands dirty?

Has he ever slept by the side of the road, with the bike down on its side?
Was he spooning into the seat to keep himself warm?

Has he changed the oil or looked for that “clink” that sometimes happens
on the open road?

Has he ever ridden in a storm and ducked behind the windshield
to keep the pelting rain out of his eyes?

Has he thought about how he would like to bring her inside on a freezing night?
Her pipes must be SO cold!

How Did He Buy That Cycle?

He went to a showroom!..
They looked so pretty, shiny, and new.

Like a mail-order bride. No time to get to know the lady.

He tried them out, but it was challenging to get helpful feedback…
They knew he did not have real biker experience.

No, he’s not a biker; just a guy wanting to buy a motorcycle.
He likes everything in his price range.

Are They Going Out Of Style?

These days new motorcycle sales are increasing at 5.8%/YR.
In a 2019-20 report, 780,000 NEW motorcycles were sold in the United States alone.
There were probably 1000 times that many on the road already!

What Does A Real Biker Look Like?

I like to see a leather-clad rider, with a matching helmet, boots, and gloves – the whole package.

They look so hot… not because of what they wear – though it helps! – but because of who they ARE!

It is an attitude; it is an ilk!.. The gear is the uniform.

Are There Girls There Too?

sexy biker chick
Our biker chick never said a word!

A woman biker is an inspiration to other women. We all want to ride like her.

She’s sexy and independent. She handles that beast all on her own…
Bet she only weighs 120 pounds! Don’t let that fool you… she’s strong!

She wants a man with the same abilities.
He had better be real if he wants to ride into the sunset with this biker chick!

She never said a word; it’s all in the attitude.

Is He Cool Enough?

Our biker does not want you to confuse him with a member of a gang.
He’s a BIKER! He is independent and a respected citizen.

He is a club member, not a gang member.

Yes, he is a member of a club of like-minded riders. They go on day rides and longer overnighters.
He goes to Sturges and Daytona and admires anyone who rides.

When he passes another biker on the road, he puts out his hand in greeting.
They do likewise.

If another biker is parked on the roadside, he is always first to stop and offer help.
No animosity here.

The camaraderie is forever on the surface.

They talk about their bikes as if they were their children.

Is He Hot?

Yes, because he’s authentic!

He started riding at a young age and learned to ride a slow bike fast… first!

Now he’s capable of riding a fast bike fast, with confidence.

He learned not to show off; instead, he takes instruction well.

Does He Have The Gear?

Yes, and he wears it with a bad-ass attitude – the gear does not wear him.

There is a lot I can say about the gear – it is the icing on the cake.
Who doesn’t look super-cool clad in denim and leather head to toe?

In the heat, most girls wear halter tops under those heavy leather jackets.
It gets so hot when we stop!

And this is break time. “30 minutes everyone!”

Out come the water bottles and everyone un-Z-I-P-P-S!

And we cool off!

Have a look at their hot uniform today!

There’s that SOUND! It’s rumbling through my body and into my head!
Suit up everyone – let’s go!

What’s So Special About A Club?

I live for this question!

riding in a large group
You’re so happy to be a biker!

When you are in a large group and all those motorcycles start up at the same time that growl of the engines grows in your chest you SWELL with pride as you look around and it brings tears to your eyes!..

You can’t speak… it’s so emotional!

Now you get it!.. you’re so happy to be a biker!

Are There Drugs And Alcohol?

The short answer is yes!

Like any other gatherings: caravanning, bird watching, horse racing, circuses, church bazaars, spelanking and motor racing.

I can’t fight mother nature on this one.

We are allowed 2 beers on an all-day ride, but no respectable biker would be seen drunk while riding.

It is not worth the risk.
More importantly, you will lose the trust of your fellow riders.

Go home and drink. It’s safer and cheaper!

They Must Be High-Maintenance?!

motor cycle mechanic
Your motor-mac is highly respected!

Not anymore!

Motorcycles have become sophisticated machines and many bikers are mechanically inclined.

If not, there’s always the motor-mac who knows all about bikes.
He’s highly respected!

Many bikes boast that one million miles are easily attainable these days… as long as you do regular oil changes.

I don’t know if I have time left to ride one million miles!

And don’t forget the metric models… very fine rides!

Are They Really Your Children?

Animals and children are great equalizers!.. And so is your motorcycle!

It backfired once!

It sounded like a bullet and people on the street ducked behind cars.
Some hit the ground.

It made me cringe with embarrassment.
I could not imagine that we did not look after our baby.

I am blushing!

Regards, Corinne

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2 thoughts on “What Does A Real Biker Look Like?”

  1. I have seen on television and on a few where I live guys and gals riding bikes in packs or groups and they seem to be having so much fun. It seems that for a lot of people this is their lifestyle or the way they live their lives. Especially those who seem to dress alike with the leather jackets. 

    • Thank you, Norman for your comment.

      That is the whole idea; that people understand the enjoyment of the sport and the lifestyle that goes with it.
      It is nice that you have had exposure to biking as it truly is, and that you enjoyed it.

      Regards, Corinne 


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