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Why Do People Travel Abroad?

It’s For The FUN Of It All!

WHY else would we do it?

Travel Is An Adventure!

why do people travel abroad?
You just needed a little nudge!

And friendships develop quickly on the social scene!

When crossing the Atlantic, being all tucked away together on a ship for two weeks was like living in the same house!

Expect the unexpected. Those people are just like you: they love to travel too!

Run with this knowledge and ENJOY it!

Why Do People Travel Abroad?

To Make New Friends!

There were lots of parties and gatherings on the ship and 20 of us grouped together.

We were from the same era.
It was natural and we sought each other out.

So we met for that all-important sociable drink before dinner.
After that it all fell into place!

Michael was the funny guy
Michael…the funny guy!

Michael was a guy in our group who always made jokes.
He was very spontaneous and quick with the smarty-pants retort.

I wondered how many times his momma wanted to slap him silly.

This group alone gave us years of friendships from various parts of the world.

Wow-what a bonus!

Filled With Excitement!

This was a great ship to be on!

The S.A.Vaal sailed from Capetown to Southampton, in June 1977.

It was sold in later 1977 to Carnival Cruise Lines and rebuilt in Japan with extra decks, doubling the passenger capacity.

But this was after our trans-Atlantic crossing. So glad that we were able to enjoy the
under-crowdedness of it’s final voyage. Can’t do that on most cruise ships today!

At 760 feet long, it was the biggest cruise ship in the Bahamas!

Sadly she is no longer with us. We will miss her!

Join The Performing Arts;

We learned how to line-dance!

We learned to line-dance on the ship. I think we all fancy ourselves as great dancers.

I had no illusions about myself. I knew I was a terrible dancer so I kept a very low profile.

But I could waltz and now, I can line-dance!
This makes me cool in country-music country!

We had skits and plays at night for the adults. We did everything we told the children not to do: we didn’t pay attention, we talked all the time, and hurled one-liners at each other.

This is a short story for you; I tell it under great duress:

live show
I only had to remember one word!

In a skit, when someone forgot their line we threw in a wrong word that left them wondering what they should say.

What was my line?

I had ONE word to say and was struck before those lights. All I had to say was, “taxi”!

But noooo, I couldn’t remember that one word while everyone on stage was cueing me with “taxi, say taxi”.

I thought they were trying to tell me to go away, in a taxi… We were on a ship!

What Customs Are Your Customs?

Before our next adventure, we thought it prudent to do some research.

We read: “Read About Japanese Customs Before You Go”,…

That was a good idea!

Respect in Japan is highly revered, especially for the elderly!

Here is what we learned:

1. We needed to brush up on our bowing: the deeper the bow the deeper the respect.

This is not to be taken lightly and we had to know when to bow low or high… Watch your guide for this one.

They bow to say hello, or goodbye… if someone dies or is born… They bow a lot!.. Like shaking hands!

2. DON’T ever leave a tip in Japan… This is considered an insult, and the server will not understand why you did this.

It will be refused… I like this custom but I also like to tip!

3. Take off your shoes: not only when entering someone’s house, but also at some restaurants, hostels, and hotels.

I often wondered if people lost some very good shoes doing this. Would it seem improper to carry your shoes around with you? I would hate to lose this pair!

4. Take a shower before you use the public bath. Now everyone must be clean before they become clean together.

There are showers there and everyone uses them before taking a bath!

5. Slurp your noodles – but not spaghetti – to show the cook that you are enjoying the meal!

Consider Iceland!

Research continued for unknown corners of the world. We wanted to visit Iceland, so we studied it.

What did I learn about this great land?

bottle water
Never buy bottled water!

1. Don’t buy bottled water. They would not be caught dead carrying a plastic water bottle in Iceland.
They are a very “Green” country.

Their water is purified naturally through the lava rock and perfect out of the tap… They are proud of this.

2. They are just as crazy-on-you about littering and they will not tolerate anyone polluting their land! Full stop.

3. They insist that you call them by their first name! They don’t really have a last name, as westerners do.

They use this even in business practice and I would think that if you said “Ivor!”, ten men would stand up!

4. Noo tipping!!

5. Geothermal pools are everywhere and people go often.

DO NOT EVER enter the pool without showering first.
Only a tourist would do that!.. Just like in Japan!

WHY Do People Like To Travel Abroad?

Let me explain the rationale:

1. It is an ADVENTURE right from the beginning. Explore unknown territory, with no plans, and go for whatever comes your way.

I cannot stress this more… just stay loose. Expect the unexpected and roll with it.

You won’t be sorry, but you will be entertained, educated, and left agog!

2. You will make a lot of new friends and believe me, the people you meet are just like you.

They are spontaneous, or they wouldn’t be here, and they want to meet YOU!

You already like some of the same things; you’re both on a ship, already!

You’re like twins!

3. You will see new countries with a different terrain from yours.
Everything is different; the vegetation, houses, waterways, mountains, and deserts.

Go to Capetown in December… it’s summer then!

4. The seasons in the southern hemisphere are reversed. Go there in December!

5. Some cultures are opposite to what you are used to… Learn some lessons!

6. Get ready to visit their local bars, restaurants, and town markets.

7. Learn a new language. Ok, at least make a stab at it.

Don’t worry about your pronunciation! People cannot wait to help you,
especially because you are a visitor!

The few keywords you learn will be fun! After the trip, those words will be the main topic of conversation… You’ll remember them forever!

Discover those places you learned about!

8. The places that you learned about are THERE! Yes, it’s the real Patmos, Greece.
Yes, that’s the real Waterloo.

Why not indulge in relaxation and quietly

Come and visit the real Leaning Tower…..It is all still there……Like the pyramids!

9. You are away from your routine and indulging in relaxation and quiet. It’s stress-relieving!

Yes, it can be stressful if connections are missed or delayed. But do you know that:
That happens to people who have an itinerary?

If you are ok with delays, or changes in the mode of travel, nothing will stress you.

We get there when we get there.

10. I cannot say this enough: you are exposed to wonderful new foods!

The food is different, nutritious, and a gastronomic delight.

What was imported in your country is local here!.. Knock yourself out!

And when you can’t read the menu someone will magically appear and promise you a good meal!

It will be homemade and you will be treated like family.
It will be unique, tasty, and enjoyable!

How Can I Save Money On My Trips?

Go on that expedition to the Panama Canal!

1. One of the best things you can do is shop a year in advance, for your trip.

Expect to get a very good discount and buy cancellation insurance, in case they cancel.
Do your due diligence.

And now you have one year to pay for the trip.

2. Be flexible. Look for an expedition that is not full and they need just two more people for a full ship!

Where is it going? Panama? Ok, let’s go there. Be ready to sail in two weeks!

3. How you travel will make a huge difference.

Consider taking a train and seeing the sights!

Going across Canada? See what it would cost to take a train instead of flying.

Sadly when I tested this, I was surprised to learn that trains were high-speed, luxury, cross-country… an expensive mode of travel, at that time.

Have you considered a bus? Look up the chartered busses going at least part of the way.
Then catch another!

4. Going to the other side of the Mediterranean?
Ever worked your way across, on a ship going to a new country?

You might even try fairy boats and small private sea-going vessels.

Ever been on a cargo ship? Don’t rule anything out!

Join a desert caravan!

5. Would you join a caravan and cross a desert?
Can you imagine sleeping in a tent on a desert oasis?

The camels would be nearby, grunting and spitting. Don’t get too close!

6. Remember all those friends you made on the ship crossing the Atlantic?..Yes?- –House swap!

7. Check the exchange rate! If the USD is not doing well against the Euro, don’t go to Europe! Find another place to visit… Go to Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

8. Go south; very south. Fly to Patagonia or the Falklands and join an adventure ship sailing to Antarctica. (For more on adventures in Antarctica, click here!)

These ships are becoming more and more accessible and you could do it now before it becomes too popular.

TO SUMMARIZE: The World Is Your Oyster!

I cannot minimize anything about how wonderful it is to travel!

For every country you live in, you inherit another life!

What stops you from enjoying quiet time?

1. Don’t let this be only about education or only about seeing something in a brochure.

It is a good learning experience, but don’t let that force you to stop at every ruin and museum in the country.

Are you really enjoying this? After a while, your eyes glaze over!

2. It is not just about self-esteem, although there is a certain amount of satisfaction in making a good deal and executing a successful trip.

This makes great conversation for a while.

3. Don’t forget about the new places you want to see, even if they are NOT educational.

Just do it! Visit that seashore, or climb that hill.

4. Travel is also about the people you meet and the friendships that come from it.

If you are expecting to be surprised and delighted about all of it, you will be!
Pssst: they want to meet you too!

5. You have been warned about the food and don’t be afraid to be adventuresome!
Try everything you are comfortable with.

I lived in crocodile country for twenty years, but I never wanted to try it for an entree!

I don’t know anyone who did, but some people don’t eat pork either.

6. For me, travel is all about going there. I WANT to go there… Period.

(Read about why I Want To Go There”. I’ll tell you!)

I want to meet new people, see new hills and rivers and just be in another place.

And if I am totally relaxed and happy as a side-effect, then I am enjoying a non-threatening past-time.

Picture This:

If you booked a flight and checked in for boarding and you boarded the plane and everything was cool, it’s a failure!

If everything went well, according to PLAN, there is nothing to write about.

You wouldn’t even remember the event.


Now you check in to board this same flight but they over-booked.

You were asked if you would like to stay in (New York, or Venice, or Iceland) for the weekend, all expenses paid;

THIS is a success story!

Now you have something to write home about!

Now you are on an adventure!

Share your adventure stories with me! I would love to hear all about it!

Drop a comment in the box below; it’s private!

I will respond to you within 24 hours!

Regards, Corinne

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  1. Travelling to see the world is not only a good way to make new friends but it is also a way to strengthen friendships and relationships if you invite family and people you already know along. Family members that travel together grow much closer and special anniversaries, homey moons, and special celebrations will be remembered as being very special if you have spent a holiday together. The value of this bonding experience can never be under valued as it will be talked about as being a fantastic experience for many years to come.

    1. Hello Toplink

      I agree that traveling together is a very bonding experience. These are the times I remember the most (What Happened With Elsa?). We do still talk about it, and that was from circa 1980! 

      Whenever I was able to welcome someone to my home and show them around it was a huge enjoyment! Those visits from friends did more for me than it did for them, I think. Certainly, it is the best bonding experience of all.

      When you love something you want to share it. By sharing it you feel blessed. There is no other word for it.

      Thank you for reading my post and for your insightful comments. 

      Regards, Corinne

  2. Hey thanks for this really interesting post!

    I love traveling myself however at the moment haven’t to much countries but I’m definitely wanting to go out and see the world more. This has definitely inspired me too!

    It does seem like you’ve been having a wonderful time in all these beautiful countries and thanks for sharing the tips from Japan, they do sound quite interesting. Oh and the ship would have been a great trip, love the fun you had!

    Thanks again for sharing all this information!

    1. Sariyah thanks for your comments. 

      If I can offer more insights, this is just passing on my experience.
      When you go on your first trip, it could be the first of many. But you probably don’t know that at the time!

      Make the most of every trip and at all costs try never to say, “we’ll go there next time”,  or “we can see that next time”. There may never be “a next time”. Do everything you can to do it now, while you are there. 

      My posts are really about all the finer details that make up a great experience.
      Everywhere you go is an adventure – if you allow it to BE one! 

      I am glad my post encouraged you about travel.

      Regards, Corinne