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  1. Travelling to see the world is not only a good way to make new friends but it is also a way to strengthen friendships and relationships if you invite family and people you already know along. Family members that travel together grow much closer and special anniversaries, homey moons, and special celebrations will be remembered as being very special if you have spent a holiday together. The value of this bonding experience can never be under valued as it will be talked about as being a fantastic experience for many years to come.

    1. Hello Toplink

      I agree that traveling together is a very bonding experience. These are the times I remember the most (What Happened With Elsa?). We do still talk about it, and that was from circa 1980! 

      Whenever I was able to welcome someone to my home and show them around it was a huge enjoyment! Those visits from friends did more for me than it did for them, I think. Certainly, it is the best bonding experience of all.

      When you love something you want to share it. By sharing it you feel blessed. There is no other word for it.

      Thank you for reading my post and for your insightful comments. 

      Regards, Corinne

  2. Hey thanks for this really interesting post!

    I love traveling myself however at the moment haven’t to much countries but I’m definitely wanting to go out and see the world more. This has definitely inspired me too!

    It does seem like you’ve been having a wonderful time in all these beautiful countries and thanks for sharing the tips from Japan, they do sound quite interesting. Oh and the ship would have been a great trip, love the fun you had!

    Thanks again for sharing all this information!

    1. Sariyah thanks for your comments. 

      If I can offer more insights, this is just passing on my experience.
      When you go on your first trip, it could be the first of many. But you probably don’t know that at the time!

      Make the most of every trip and at all costs try never to say, “we’ll go there next time”,  or “we can see that next time”. There may never be “a next time”. Do everything you can to do it now, while you are there. 

      My posts are really about all the finer details that make up a great experience.
      Everywhere you go is an adventure – if you allow it to BE one! 

      I am glad my post encouraged you about travel.

      Regards, Corinne