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  1. This post brings back some great memories for me. I toured Scandinavia as a musician 4 times from 1972 to 1974. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland (north of Sweden) and Finland. We went as far north as Haparanda in Lapland. It was peculiar seeing small children running around at 3am… it never gets dark there in the summer. That far north and Finland are a completely different experience to the rest of Scandinavia. Very flat and Finland has about 187,000 lakes. All very friendly people. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂 Richard

    1. Thank you, Richard. I am always happy when my posts conjure up some memories.
      This gets better!

  2. Wayne Denis says:

    Great read Cook. I never got that far north when I was able to travel but I envy your experiences in those great countries who incidentally are likely to become Nato members soon.

    1. You had some wonderful experiences and let us not forget Kosovo. Put your writing skills to work!

  3. What a facinating trip through Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. These are the people’s of the vikings decendants especially along the coastlines. You made it so excitng and I feel that I would like to plan a trip there, also. The only drawback that you mentioned is the cost. How much would a trip such as this cost today? Being how the Berlin wall has come down, would not a trip to Germany also include Eastern Germany, also? You have made this so enchanting and I would love to be able to go. Are there package deals?

    1. Hello Toplink

      Thank you for your review. I am glad I  could give you a window into the beauty of Scandinavia.

      It was a wonderful trip and I could have made the post much longer. Maybe in another type of blog article.

      I was in Norway around 1982 and most of the travels I did in Europe stemmed from my living there at the time. It certainly made it a lot easier to travel somewhere as the destinations were a little more accessible.

      Your comment about the Berlin Wall coming down (Nov. 9, 1989) is very valid. So, if you have the desire to see East Germany, just do it. For every country you live in, you inherit another life. For every country you visit, you embellish your life. 

      I have no idea what things cost now, and I am not indulging in travel as much. So you might have to do some creative planning today. I would suggest trying to “home swap” so that you could live over there while traveling. It is one way to do it and Europeans are very open to this idea. Just do the research first so you are not disappointed.

      No matter where you go or for how long, you will be enriched by the experience.

      Regards, Corinne