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  1. Brenda W. says:

    Wow! I didn’t know you were this talented in the sewing world. I just thought you were only into macrame. What a talented lady! And you have such a way with words to keep me interested in reading the entire blog, as well as look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Brenda! You are my first friend to reply!
      My next blog is about the side-effects of sewing, and one side-effect is macrame! You have seen it in action!


    How fascinating Corinne! Loved this blog about how you got into sewing. I saw your handywork in Belgium and I marveled at how your finished product was as good if not better than store-bought. Just think, you could’ve gone into business making and selling your clothes way back when. Good luck with this new endeavor.
    Blessings, Elaine

    1. Thank you Elaine. I did sell some things at times, but I loved the craft for itself. I am so glad you enjoyed the read.
      I hope that they made you laugh too!
      Am posting about the side effects of sewing. That’s where I will get into my macrame days – which is now.

  3. I am impressed by your writing and you know you are good at it when your topic is very specific, and even though I’m not into sewing, I was engaged in reading what you wrote. You captured and kept my attention so that says a lot!

    1. Thank you Giselle. This is a great compliment coming from someone so talented in her own right. Another blog tomorrow, watch this space!